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Marble Digital Agency is a PPC agency based in Colchester, Essex. As a PPC Essex based company, it is our job to implement effective and profitable PPC campaigns for our clients. We conduct an in-depth analysis of data to produce positive results and therefore maximise return on investment. Our data insights allow us to strategise our approach to Pay Per Click and drive high performing campaigns.

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Essex PPC Agency

Pay Per Click (commonly known as PPC) is a highly effective form of digital advertising. Google AdWords and Bing Ads are popular platforms for traditional PPC advertising. Social media PPC adverts are also highly effective for promoting brand awareness and generating new business.

As a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising agency, our goal is to provide our clients with a positive return on investment. We take a scientific approach to pay per click. We don’t believe in gut feelings or “chancing” it. Every decision we make is driven by data and led by care.

Did you know that the top paid results on Google receive over 40% of the click share? (on average) With the right PPC management, your business can unlock this audience.

Taking PPC to the next level


At Marble Digital Web Agency, we provide a PPC service that is driven by data. All of our campaigns are entirely trackable and complete with in-depth reporting. Our PPC management services are available across a multitude of platforms such as Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Reddit. As a Pay Per Click (PPC Essex) Advertising Agency, we are equipped with a variety of marketing tactics to help push the needle for our clients. Every campaign is bespoke, however, we often use automated bid management scripts and advanced keyword analysis tools to get the desired results.

We take a scientific approach to pay per click.

Our data-driven approach to pay per click enables us to efficiently target the highest converting keywords (or audiences)for your sector. Unlike many other Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising agencies, we love to get to know our clients and their business goals. We believe a full understanding can help forge a long-lasting and successful partnership. After all, the success of our business is reliant on the success of our clients.

PPC that works a treat.

PPC Services


Our expertise in Pay Per Click (PPC) enables us to create high performing campaigns. With Google Ads, we can increase brand visibility as well as conversions whilst reducing cost per acquisition. Our team of PPC specialists are highly experienced setting up campaigns, whether it be search, display or shopping. At Marble Digital Marketing, we use data to drive our PPC campaigns and therefore produce great results for our clients. We can also take over your existing campaign to maximise ROI.

Remarketing / Retargeting

Have you ever been on a website and then noticed their adverts appear in various placements after you leave? If so, chances are you have been served a retargeting/remarketing advert. Did you know a user is far more likely to reach out for your products or services on their second visit? Remarketing / retargeting takes advantage and creates an opportunity for conversions.  This type of advertising provides a high ROI when done correctly – and we are very good at this.

Bing Ads Management

Bing ads is a popular advertising platform. As a PPC agency, our goal is to get results for our clients. Microsoft has invested heavily in the Bing search engine. Google has the majority share of search traffic, however, Bing usage is growing. When compared to Google, Bing ads benefit from lower costs per clicks. This is ideal for startups looking to expand their audience. Bing is also the default search of Yahoo as well as the Xbox. Bing usage continues to grow.

Social Media Advertising

Social media has changed the world and the way we use the internet. Connecting to people through social media is a great way to grow your audience. We provide ad services across social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. Social advertising is highly effective as audiences can be targeted with pinpoint precision. In addition to this, social advertising is generally cheaper when compared to PPC Google Ads.

Google Display Advertising

We take advantage of the Google Display Network to strategically place adverts. Google display ads are shown on websites within the Google Display Network. Google Display advertising allows us to control where we would like the adverts to be shown. This helps make advertising more relevant to an audience and therefore increase the chance of converting. At Marble Digital Agency, we love getting results for our clients using Display advertising.

Google Shopping Advertisements

Do you sell products on your website? If so, Google shopping can help get you in front of a targeted audience. Google shopping is an effective form of marketing and boasts higher rates of conversion for E-Commerce stores. Our PPC team at Marble are dedicated to getting our clients results. Our Google shopping campaigns are effective at driving profitable CPAs in even the most competitive of industries.

PPC Campaigns – Done The Right Way

As a digital marketing agency, we believe in innovation. PPC is just one of many way to drive traffic to your website. Below are some of the pro’s and con’s of Pay Per Click.

The Advantages of PPC
  • You can get instant paid results in the search engines
  • The spend is scaleable, which means you can easily increase or decrease spend based on your budget.
  • It allows for advanced targeting, which enables you to control who is seeing your adverts.
  • PPC is measurable, which means you can tell which keywords are generating the highest ROI.
The Disadvantages of PPC
  • If you stop paying for results, the benefits instantly halt. PPC is more short term than Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Inital spend is used to accumulate data and test the profitability of keywords, which means campaigns are not as effective in the early stages.
  • Research shows that users are more likely to trust organic listings